Merlin Solar® is a member of AC Industrials headquartered in San Jose, CA with offices in Florida. We have and international footprint with Manufacturing Operations located in San Jose, Thailand, The Philippines, India and Japan.

Merlin Solar® Intellectual property includes multiple key patents granted worldwide.

Merlin Solar® products enable renewable energy solutions for transportation, metal and residential roofing, portable and wearable applications.

Our Leadership

Olaf Gresens


Venkatesan Murali

Chief Technology Officer

Robert Brainard

Vice President
Technology and Operations

Gopal Prabhu

Vice President
Technology and Operations

Arthur Rudin

Senior Director Technology


AC Industrial Technology Holdings Inc. (AC Industrials) is Ayala's holding company for its investments in industrial technology. The company builds on the collective strengths of Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc., a pioneering manufacturer in the Philippines and the sixth-ranked (based on revenues) automotive EMS provider worldwide, and AC Automotive, the country's largest multi-brand dealership group and a leading Philippine vehicle distributor carrying Honda, Isuzu, Volkswagen and KTM.

AC Industrials was formed primarily to take advantage of the ongoing disruption in the manufacturing space, particularly in the automotive sector. As new technologies continue to change the way vehicles are built and used, we see opportunities for us to selectively participate in a deeper way across the industry’s value chain. When coupled with Ayala’s longtime strength in automotive distribution – which, in itself, is also ripe for change – we believe we can form a competitive proposition for partnering and succeeding in this sector. In addition, the ongoing “manufacturing renaissance” in the Philippines has increased the potential for us to bring some of this business home, made all the more notable by the global, competitive nature of the sector.

While our core will be built on automotive, we believe our business model – finding disruptive technologies, and nurturing these into businesses that span multiple areas of a sector’s value chain – can be applied equally effectively to other industries. We continue to search for such key pieces that can add value not just within AC Industrials but also to other companies across the Ayala group.

AC Industrials aims to become a consistent, forceful catalyst for economic growth and employment generation. As an institution that hires and operates in several areas across the world, we commit to an approach that considers all of our stakeholders – employees, suppliers, customers, partners, investors, and the broader community – and sustainably creates value throughout the economic cycle.

Ayala is the holding company of one of the largest and most diversified business groups in the Philippines with businesses in real estate, financial services, telecommunications, water infrastructure, electronics manufacturing services, automotive distributorship and dealership, business process outsourcing, power generation, transport infrastructure, and education.

Our strategy to “pioneer the future” of our businesses builds on our long-term industry experience, core values, and capabilities. We enter businesses that have potential for growth and add value to grow them into dominant market players. As a holding company, we give each business the independence, financial flexibility, and governance structure to compete in their respective industries.

Our alliances with key domestic and international partners, access to financial and capital markets, and prudent management practices have enabled us to take advantage of market opportunities to further enhance our enterprise.

Invati Capital's investment focus is on small and medium sized companies with strong management teams, in growing markets. Invati Capital seeks to partner with these teams and provide our capital and experience to build long term growth. Also, we will invest in companies that have already established a business model or opportunities where the business owner's goal is to divest equity. It is Invati Capital's belief that we should only invest in businesses where we can add value.

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