MST® Grid Patented Technology – Flexible – Rugged – Lightweight - cSsi-PV
  • Peel & Stick modules easy to install
  • Delivers 20% More energy in real world conditions
  • 55% Lighter than Glass
  • 50X More Durable than BusBar
  • 2.5X Power Density vs ThinFilm
  • Zero Maintenance

Turn-Key Solar Powered No-Idle HVAC System

  • 220W Merlin™ Solar Panel is transport rugged & delivers excellent energy yield
  • 12V Battery Powered HVAC seamlessly integrated in the rear of the SUV.
  • Uses the vehicle ducting for uniform cooling. Integrated wiring & AC control unit for a clean finish.
  • 8-10hrs of no-idle HVAC
  • 5-8 gallons of fuel saved (Idaho national Labs data). Switch to Li-Ion battery pack will enable cleaner look & longer run time.
MST Solutions enable Vehicle’s batteries to enhance its capability to take on additional loads and last longer

MODEL: FX48L TOP Weight: 5.18 Kg

WATTS: 220 JBOX LP Weight:11.42 Lbs


W L H1 H2
MM 1306 1068 4 18
IN 51 7/16 42 1/16 3/16 11/16
Cell Type Mono
Number in Series 48
Rated Power (Pmax) 220 Watts
Voltage Pmax 25.78 Vdc
Current Imp 8.54 Amps
Voc 31 Vdc
Isc 8.81 Amps
Active Area Efficiency 18.77%
Increase Profits Reduce Risks Improve Quality of Service
Reduce operating expenses Reduce vehicle downtime Increase customer satisfaction
Increase per truck revenue Avoid missed delivery fines Improved driver safety and satisfaction
Reduce maintenance expenses Reduce towing $ from dead trucks Better sales enablement (meeting SLAs)
Increase Battery Life
Idle Mitigation
Alternator Load Relief

OEM – Direct Fit available for All Makes

OEM Integrated Kit including:FXT - PV Module (s) Featuring Merlin’s MST Grid®, Optimized Charge Controller, Hardwire Kit, Integrated SBRMS (Optional Solar & Battery Remote Management System)

Sizes Available for all makes and models from 80W to 6kWh.

Aftermarket – Universal fits All Makes Aftermarket Integrated kits include: Merlin Solar FXT Series PV Module (s) Featuring Merlin’s MST Grid, MPPT Optimized Charge Controller, Aftermarket Universal Kit, Integrated SBRMS (Optional Solar & Battery Remote Management System)

Sizes Available: 80W Kit-160W Kit - 220W Kit – 330W Kit – 440W Kit

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