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Our commercial panels offer fail-safe power solutions, making them ideal for personnel, shelters, vehicles, and military applications.

Merlin Grid Patented Technology

Flexible - Rugged - Lightweight - MONO cSi

Than Glass Systems

80% Lighter

In Real World Conditions

20% More Energy

vs. Thin Film Technology

50% Higher Power Density

Flexible Panels that are 50X More Durable vs. Standard Panels

Customer Benefits

From climate-controlled tents to security operations, our commercial solar panels power critical applications, including military, like never before.

Rapid Deployment

  • Quick set-up and deconstruction

  • Lightweight, foldable, compact, and designed for easy storage

  • Non-reflective panels come in black and camouflage styles


Intended for Harsh Environments

  • Lightweight and Versatile Mounting: Easily adaptable to various mounting solutions due to its lightweight and versatile design.

  • Weatherproof and Durable: Sealed junction box and protective back sheet ensure long-lasting durability and reliability, even in harsh weather conditions.

Reliable Power Anywhere

  • Merlin™ technology yields higher energy and increased durability

  • Superior low-sun angle and low light performance provide excellent energy yield

  • Bypass diodes allow for maximum performance under shade conditions


The Merlin Advantage

Energy Savings

Our solar panels can reduce, or even eliminate, your electricity bill with its enhanced energy output & efficiency.



Our extremely light construction can eliminate the need to make structural changes to existing roofs. 


Easy Application

The simple peel and stick application makes the installation process inexpensive and quick.


Superior Aesthetics

The frameless, low-profile design gives your roof a superior look while maintaining its durability.


Proven Energy Solutions, Designed for Diverse Power Needs

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