Merlin Technology Advantage

At the core of Merlin’s patented technology is an innovative pair of metal grids that serve as intra-cell and inter-cell interconnects. This interconnect system not only enables us to extract more power compared to standard solar panels, it dramatically improves the reliability performance and ruggedness of the solar panels. Our panels have the proven performance and reliability of c-Si solar cells as well as the ease of deployment of thin film solar panels.

Same Materials, Different Results

Merlin uses the same copper and solder as any bus bar in the industry, but by using 20 redundant lines and 180+ interconnects, the benefits to the reliability and current collection are immense.

Merlin Integrates Right Into Your Current Line

Merlin can be integrated with any Multi or Mono cell type, and requires no change in tools or equipment. Change only your screen print pattern and save big on silver.

Cell and Module Reliability is our Forte

Merlin acts as a stable reinforcement to the solar cell. Extreme crack and bend tolerance are built in, enabling novel crystalline silicon architectures.


New Materials Used

Higher Off-Axis Output


Improved Flex Tolerance

Why Merlin?

Across all vertical market segments. Our customers compared, through industry specific accelerated testing, Merlin was superior in performance and reliability in every one of these evaluations, take a look…

Temperature Cycle Test

Our design, material and process integration minimizes cell micro-cracking and mitigates power output degradation.


  • Substantial increases in output over competitive solar systems in real world conditions
  • Superior performance under all light conditions including low sun angle and shade
  • Delivers maximum possible power throughout the day, all year long

MERLIN IS RUGGED: Extreme Vibration

  • Continually subjected to rigorous environmental & accelerated lifecycle testing
  • Adhesive rated to withstand a minimum of 150 mph wind
  • Designed to withstand harsh environments, truck washes etc.
  • Out ETFE layer is resistant to soiling requiring less cleaning etc.


  • Delivers 20% more energy in real world conditions
  • Rugged: “Redundancy by design” delivers fail safe operation

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