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Our commercial transportation kits are tailored for effortless installation on heavy-duty vehicles, such as semi trucks, coaches, tractor-trailers, and more.

Customer Benefits

Increase Profits

Reduce Expenses

Increase Fuel Savings

Maximize Deliveries 
& Liftgate Cycles

Offset 100% of Liftgate Power

Enhance Battery

Health & Performance


Merlin Grid Patented Technology

Flexible - Rugged - Lightweight - MONO cSi

Than Glass Systems

80% Lighter

In Real World Conditions

20% More Energy

vs. Thin Film Technology

50% Higher Power Density

Flexible Panels that are 50X More Durable vs. Standard Panels

Empower Your Fleet, Supercharge Deliveries, Slash Expenses, and Drive Profits with Merlin Solar

Built to withstand tough conditions without compromising integrity, Merlin™ panels are designed for longevity, delivering customer advantages in the realm of commercial transportation.


Merlin™ RoadWarrior Pro Kits

Plug-and-play kits that are designed for rapid installation and scalability. All RWP kits come with our Merlin™ panel(s) with patented technology, an optimized solar charge controller, cables, and other accessories.

RWS240W Trailer Kit.jpg

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Applications

Merlin Solar delivers immediate financial returns on diesel trucks & supports seamless transition to fleet electrification. ​


Heavy-Duty Trucks & Tractors

Functions Supported:

  • Telematics​

  • Battery Life Extension​

  • Jump Start Avoidance​

  • Hotel Loads including eHVAC​

  • Direct Fit on Daimler, Paccar, Kenworth, Peterbilt, DAF, International, and Volvo

Transit Buses & Motor Coach

Functions Supported:

  • Lot Rot Prevention

  • Battery Maintenance

  • Wi-Fi and USB Connectivity

  • Jump Start Avoidance

  • Air Purifiers and UV Cleaners

  • Auxiliary HVAC

  • eBus Integration

excavator 70w.jpg

Construction & Agricultural

Functions Supported:

  • Lot Rot Prevention            

  • Battery Maintenance   

  • Jump Start Avoidance 

  • Telematics Support

The Merlin Advantage

Energy Savings

Our solar panels can reduce, or even eliminate, your electricity bill with its enhanced energy output & efficiency.



Our extremely light construction can eliminate the need to make structural changes to existing roofs. 


Easy Application

The simple peel and stick application makes the installation process inexpensive and quick.


Superior Aesthetics

The frameless, low-profile design gives your roof a superior look while maintaining its durability.


Ready to Equip Your Fleet With Our RoadWarrior Kits?

Contact us for a complimentary consultation


Light and Medium-Duty Vehicles

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