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Our Story

“To boldly go where no solar panel has gone before.”


Merlin Solar Technologies, like many of its Silicon Valley compatriots, was founded in a garage. The founders set out to fundamentally rethink the way solar panels were engineered with the goal of ubiquitous deployment. "To boldly go where no solar panel has gone before” remains the mantra of our company, having successfully deployed solar panels in some of the harshest environments.

With panels in space, war zones, Norwegian fjords, class 8 trucks, RVs, disaster recovery vehicles, autonomous ocean going drones, O&G Storage tanks, tensioned fabric canopies – in addition to traditional deployments – we seek to conquer new horizons.

Our Leadership

The founders have a combined expertise of over 200 man-years in semiconductors, solar, photonics, flexible displays, and high throughput automation.
This combination of expertise has resulted in a portfolio of 50+ international patents and delivered products that are acknowledged to be the best-in-class.

Founder & CTO

Venkatesan Murali

VP Global Operations

Prasad Terala

Head Of Deployment

Arthur Rudin

Chief Financial Officer

Chi Miller

Head of Engineering

Dong Xu


Olaf Gresens

BU Head of Transportation

Fernando Mejia

Co-Founder/VP, BU Head of Mobile

Bob Brainard

Co-BU Head of Roofing

Leela Mandalapu

Our Guiding Principles


We aim to excel in execution, delight customers with integrity, drive innovation and strategy, and empower our team.


We foster a cleaner environment for future generations by creating innovative and sustainable solar solutions. 


To become the dominant solar provider in transportation, roofing, and portables. 

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