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Revolutionizing Renewable Energy for Mobile Environments and Rooftops


At Merlin Solar, we are pushing the boundaries of solar panel form and function for deployments at the grid edge and beyond. Where traditional solar panels fall short, Merlin provides the power you need.

Rugged Design, Exceptional Durability, and Easy Installation

Solar Panels that Withstand the Toughest Conditions

Merlin™ panels are engineered with great precision, ensuring exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. Designed to operate even in increment and sub-optimal conditions, Merlin™ is the perfect choice to deliver performance and reliability, no matter the challenge.


Merlin™ Grid Patented Technology

Flexible - Rugged - Lightweight - Easy Install - MONO cSi

Than Glass Systems

80% Lighter

In Real World Conditions

20% More Energy

vs. Thin Film Technology

50% Higher Power Density

Flexible, Lightweight, and Easy To Install Panels that are 50X More Durable vs. Standard Panels

Commercial Transportation

Efficient solar solutions with exceptional ROI tailored for commercial transportation needs.


Mobile & Off-Grid

Reliable solar solutions powering adventures, security operations, and emergencies in challenging environments.


Penetration-free modules ideal for lightweight membrane roofs.


Featured Projects

“These solar panels are lightweight (<12 lbs) but pack a powerhouse of energy! They can recharge our truck batteries multiple times during a 34-hour reset."

Nussbaum Transportation


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Proven energy solutions, designed for diverse power needs.

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